Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Zip Off Pants Update

Confession time.

First some background: Picture a naive, (extremely attractive) bachelor called Jeff who during the season of Xmas 2007 was tempted by his upcoming adventures and a 20% off sign into buying his first pair of zip-offs.

In a fit of excitement he got them home and marvelled over their quick drying temperament and zip off ease - surely would be perfect for travel.

Imagine then the disappointment when after 3 months on the road the zip-offs are rendered surplus to requirements. Here is why:

1. Who actually zip's off? In all the days I wore them I never once needed to zip off and only once zipped off for the fun of it. If you want to wear pants, wear pants. If you want shorts wear them. If you want to change then change. Also, it's way easier to regulate your temperature by switching between shoes and jandals or removing a jersey then zipping off.

2. The place where zips are needed is not around the knees. It's on the pockets. The voluminous pockets would be perfect for carrying a litre of water (if i didn't have hands or a backpack that is) or a quick meal ration. They are useless for securing your wallet though. Thus if you happen to be buying zip offs for travel I suggest you check this closely before purchasing.

3. They are, lets face it, not built for glamour.

So there, I discarded them in favour of my jeans - a sure fire travel no no. Except that jeans don't show dirt, they are good at night and look good.

Roger Kabisa.


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Anonymous said...

love the comment on the zip offs. bought a pair the other day on queen st thinking on my coming holidays...bugger! will give them a chance up there in the mountain though.
good effort on updating the blog often.
take care