Friday, February 22, 2008

Doors and Windows acting in contrary fashions...

Righto, now the blog is up and running. We've got 73 hits (of which maybe 20 are me but anyways...) including some from Fonterrans, AJParkers, Family, Penpals, Ozzies (your country rhymes with genitalia) Robin and what not. Robin Robin Robin.

Um, nothing much to report. Some guys came and took away our couch today, booked thailand accomodation, booked dentist, sorted out the bank... I've never been so organised in my life! Except of course tomorrow when i up the organisatino factor to a new and more retentive level...

Kate is officially leaving Auckland today. (at 730 incidentally) She is off to Hamilton hospital for 7 days of work, then 2 days back in Auckland next weekend, then 5 more days of work in Hamilton. She then has 2 more days in auckland on the 8th/9th March before flying away on the 10th... It's a symbolic thing that she is departing ex AKL and i'm departing ex CHC. i.e after marraige we'll "fly together." - am upping the cheese factor in honour of my former employers and because that's what Maria Van Trapp would do...

Anyone want to buy my car? it's awesome and have never missed a beat. I love that car but it has to go... otherwise it's gonna be a trademe fest.

Am dawning on the following facts:

i'm gonna miss during the remainder of 2008
  • national winning the election (despite helen being glorious)
  • nz winning 3 gold medals (single sculls men, some other rowing thing, women's bmx) at Beijing
  • inflation (how will i cope??)
  • the US elections (Obama sweeps to power with Hillary as VP)
  • Birth of Jamina.
  • ?? hopefully some new engagements and other announcements...
  • Ski season.

Anyways, use the comments thingie. Will Rouse did and look how cool it made him. I loaded up one photo on photobucket. jeepers i'm clever.

Tanzania fact: over 50% of the government budget comes from foreign govts. Divided loyalties anyone??



Anonymous said...

hi jeff almost x jafa
good to see your blog. you should be a writer .ha ha.
looking forward to seeing you in sydney.

willie uncle

Anonymous said...

Well the hit counter has gone past 100 now!!

Good job you blogger.

We'll see you in Palmy next week.


Anonymous said...

Jeff's last day.....

Fonterra flags will be flying at half mast.....

We'll miss you buddy, but I'm setting up a link to the Blog from Milkyway, so that should give you more hits than a fella of your talent should get in a test series, let alone an innings (I can see hits are becoming an issue).

Good luck with the planning, and keep in touch.