Friday, February 29, 2008

Last Day at Work

Hey Team,

With 1 hour to go i've decided to prudently update my blog. I've deleted thousands of emails, wrapped up some projects and finally tidied my damned desk! Bit strange to think i won't be here come monday...

My delightful colleagues just presented me with the following going away card...

How nice is that?!!
Next post: from timaru next week.


Anonymous said...

you look just stunning on stage, although the workmates got it wrong, it's so obvious you're "mi - a name I call myself". Hope the nz roady is all good and you are currently getting pissed in my apartment. bon voyage bis dein Hochzeit :)

Anonymous said...

Jeffa, Good luck for the road trip..... may the rain stop and the journey but uneventful! By the time you get this you should be enjoying a few last days of bachelorhood at Spur Road. Enjoy!
We'll look forwrd to reading about the scoundrels you meet on the way!
Obviously your work mates have a good sense of humour....
See you in Sydney....we're all on countown here!
Janice and the gang

Anonymous said...

doe a dear a female deer,
ray a drop of golden Jeff,
mi a name he calls himself
fah.... along way to Tanzania
soh, so he's getting married
La....oh la la la la
Tee... tee hee hee
And that need for that brings them back to NZ!

Anonymous said...

would there be a sing along concert in tanzania?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff;
Just leaving this note so you know that I'm technologically up to it! Great seeing you for breakfast Thursday.

Bon voyage, Good luck & Ciao (& love to Kate)

(PS who dreams up those crazy words that they use for comment authentication? Mine is "vadjqk". I'm seriously considering collecting them and truning them into a nonsense poem! Spike Milligin would adore that (if he lived-on).