Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big Wedding Update

Hey World.

Well well well. Married aye. I caught my lovely bride handing out this blog address at the wedding so hopefully the readership is about to grow. Funny how she hates blogs!! it's sweet.

It's been nearly 3 weeks since I was last on here and a hectic 3 at that. They began with a long drive from Auckland through Hamilton, Palmy, Welly, Blenheim, Chch and the roo. I was home for a busy couple of days visiting people, selling stuff, drinking mum and dad's wine etc etc. It's all good. Thanks to Kate, Andy, Sandy, AJM, Dr Carr, Cathy, Becky, Gma and Gpa, Chrisso and of course mum and dad. :)

Monday morning and a flight to Sydney.. we finally got to castle hill around 11pm and crashed. The next day the lads (Weasel, Lilleypond, Pants, Grinder and Dingo and myself) took off down the beach. Many beers, fried chickens, swims in the ocean and beers later and the bachelorhood was well and truly extinguished.

Thursday bought wedding rehearsal and duffed lines, nerves and the reality of wedding finally hitting home. Friday involved a cool family lunch and the purchasing of my ring/haircut and what not. Made it to a restaurant in the rocks called "Pony" with mum and dad and their friends. Best restaurant ever!!! double marinated lamb, giant prawns, ginger creme caramel!

Then dawned Saturday. Game day! The photographers came at 11 and watched us get dressed. After 190239 photos of that they disappeared. Two hours later and we're at the pub with a calming beer and a nervous grin.

The ceremony itself went by in a complete blur. It was stiflingly hot, nerve racking but ultimately easy. We didn't duff anything and had a whale of a time. So special! Then came photos, more photos and a chance to hang out with the bridal party.

The reception was brilliant. L'aqua were perfect and the tables were fantastic (thanks Mrs Daniels and Abbey and co!) We had honestly the best night ever and seeing all those people up and dancing was just magic. The speeches were of the highest quality and the food was brilliant too. The Park Hyatt was fairly reasonable too ;) great champagne.

Sunday and Monday were a bit of a blur but i do know we went out for a couple of great meals. Bugalow 8 is awesome. (thanks again to all those people who boosted along).

Now here we are on Tuesday. We've only got a day til Thailand and we're frantically trying to finish off last minute details.

Weddings are great fun, extremely rewarding and i highly recommend them. Only do it once though! too exhausting otherwise!!

From here we have 1 night in Bangkok, 5 days in Pattaya at the Dusit Thani and then off to Dar es Salaam...

One final note: the presents we received were spectular. We were honoured and embarrassed by what we received. Thanks everyone for that.

I'll stop gushing now.

Next Post: Thailand? Dar? Crikey. This time tomorrow i'll be drinking dutch heineken and enjoying the best of emirates. Best of all i'll be doing it with my lovely wife (cue violins)



Anonymous said...

Best few days ever!!! Can't wait (or can I?!) to see the official pics - especially you boys doing the robot across the road and you falling gracefully into Mrs Kate's arms under the Bridge!!!

Travel safe and keep us updated!

Aussie hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the most awesome time you two! Your wedding was a fantastic excuse for us to have a family weekend in Sydney and we loved every moment of it! What an amazing wedding, a great city, great food, and friendly people!
Back at work today truly was a reality check!!

Take care, safe travels and we are all looking forward to your blog updates!

Warmest wishes from the Gulbransen's in Nelson!

Simon C said...

Hey Jeff & Kate - congrats on getting all hitched up! Sounds like a perfect day all round. Look forward to hearing the futher adventures of...


Maury Leyland said...

Well done!! Many congratulations to you both!!