Sunday, March 23, 2008

God made man, We make gentleman (best suit shop ever)

Sawadee Ka,

Quick update from Pattaya. It's um, nice. Our resort is great. You can tell how good a hotel is in Thailand by the number of bottles of water you get each day. We're starting to use ours to shower, wash clothes, water the plant matter on our balcony etc etc. Oh, also, if you are planning to be lazy and lie on the beach all day then it's perfect. Some dude even brings you your beach towel (in case you accidentally expend calories doing it yourself)..

The rest of Pattaya is rather, um, interesting. Go go go and keep going. If you like old men with those great undercut ponytails and mesh singlets then this is your place!!! Pity if you like thai food. Great if you love German/Swiss/Sausage food. Starbucks here isn't as good...

You can see the sky tower from here (but not that crummy centrepoint two bit tower)...

So much culture. Off tomorrow back to Bangkok for our 130am flight. Can't wait to sit in that airport!!!

Party on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff Tried to leave comment other day
Nice to get your note thoughht I had posted a note back but hasn't stuck
love G/Ma

Anonymous said...

Will try again Had a great trip to Oz Wedding woderful.Different world 4 u now will be like a dream
Were able to look at your photoes very nice
Edna and Donald were here were interested in them to.Take care keep well keep safe love to u both G/Ma Dad